X-BIONIC the official SWISSMAN outfitter

X-BIONIC is the intelligent and highly functional sportswear that cools when you sweat and warms when you’re cold. It turns your sweat into energy and even completely odourless! Furthermore, the partial compression ensures increased performance and quicker recovery time.

X-BIONIC and its products are unique. X-BIONIC stands for Swiss quality and precision. Inspired by nature, first-class design, technology and performance well thought out in every detail are developed with the objective to overcome the limitations of individual disciplines. Developed in Switzerland, the clothing is produced in Italy according to European tradition “

„Nothing is more honest than your own experience“


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Startliste veröffentlicht

Die Startliste vom SWISSMAN 2023 ist ab sofort verfügbar. Athletinnen und Athleten aus 44 Nationen werden am SWISSMAN vom 24. Juni 2023 teilnehmen.  HERUNTERLADEN

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