It’s all about passion!

Countdown to June 22, 2013: T-19 weeks!

While time is running, we will introduce you every week to two athletes, which will be among the first to get challenged by the adventure of SWISSMAN.

SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon

Rafael Wyss
Rafael started his triathlon career in 2005 with the Ironman Switzerland as his first triathlon. Since then he finished several times with overall top ten results and was Age-Group World champion in 2007. He is a very strong cyclist and finished the Tortour on the 2nd and 4th place in 2011/12. Rafi is passionate about triathlon and loves to get challenged physically but even more mentally. Also for him SWISSMAN will be a special challenge and he is looking forward to take it! He is completely right with what he states: it’s all about passion.

Marc-Yvan de Kaenel
Marc-Yvan is a newcomer on the long-distance. His 3rd place at the Gigathlon 2012, however, suggests that he copes well with the Xtreme. Marc-Yvan finished his career as a professional triathlete and member of the Swiss Triathlon national team last year, after he did not qualify for the Olympics. Now he is very keen to live out his love of adventure and take challenges of a different dimension. In 2012 he wants to experience new limits first at the SWISSMAN and two months later at the Norseman. He is a close friend to the SWISSMAN Crew and we wish him all the best for his preparation and are very much looking forward to follow live both of his adventures!

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