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SWISSMAN 2023 Finishers

The SWISSMAN family grows every year with many new finishers from all over the world. They are part of a very special triathlon adventure, where it is not about best times, but solely about the experience.

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Roadbook updated

We have updated the SWISSMAN 2023 Roadbook and added new, important information. These concern the Friday afternoon with the Welcome Risotto as well as the tickets for the Jungfrau Railway. 

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X-Points are now live!

JOIN THE TRIBE! XTRI World Tour, Home of Extreme Triathlon and the XTRI World Championship, have today launched their exciting new X-Points participation system to

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Entry list published

The SWISSMAN 2023 entry list is now available. Athletes from 44 nations will take part in the SWISSMAN on 24 June 2023. DOWNLOAD

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